14 Tips to Help Keep Your Home Amazingly Clean

Everyone knows how hard it is to keep your home clean all the time. Even after cleaning almost every day, some part of the house might still appear dirty and unappealing. Sometimes, even the most popular cleaning product will do nothing to help.

Cleaning is not supposed to be cumbersome. With a little direction and effort, you can also keep your house clean for as long as you want. But how can you start without trying too hard? Check out the steps below.

Make a realistic cleaning schedule

1. Make a realistic cleaning schedule

The first and most important thing you need to create is a cleaning schedule. A schedule shows a list of activities you have to do in a period of time. It acts like a timetable, without which procrastination is unstoppable. It is always ‘I will do it later’ or some other excuse, yet everyone knows that ‘later’ never comes. Timetabling your cleaning activities guides you on what to do next and helps you plan ahead of time.

2. Use proper cleaning materials

Many people buy cheaper cleaning materials expecting to save a lot. After a few days of usage, they find themselves asking why the cleaning product is not working and why certain stains cannot go away. They may be touted as having particularly unique advantages for your home but most of those products are more than likely to leave some form of damage instead. The point here is that you should seriously reconsider buying certain cleaning products just because they are cheaply priced.

Clean one room after fully completing another.

3. Clean one room after fully completing another.

Do you ever find yourself leaving one room to clean another before the former was even halfway finished? You’d be surprised how common an occurrence it is for many people. You should always finish one room completely and then move on to the next one. This method will not only save you time but also protect you from the frustration of finding out that half the house is still uncleaned after hours of uncoordinated cleaning.

4. Keep everything in its place

Have you ever wanted to clean your home but couldn`t quite locate where you last placed the cleaning materials? A fruitless search may take place followed by the postponement of the whole cleaning activity. To prevent such situations, you should make it a habit to keep all your cleaning tools in one place that is also easy to access.

Include helpers (family)

5. Include helpers (family)

Cleaning your whole home by yourself can be a really stressful and long job. The easiest way to avoid this is by involving your family in all the scheduled activities. It is a requirement that they have to be willing and ready to work before being involved at all. Once you ascertain that, go ahead to give each individual their own part of the home and remind them of the parts that have to be prioritized. This is a great way to clean your home better in a shorter time.

6. Keep ready for the next cleaning session.

When you are finally done with cleaning, you will feel great and relieved. But you shouldn`t think that after cleaning your home once, you won`t have to clean your home again for a long time. That belief is what makes keeping your home clean a difficult task. The best way to prepare in advance is by putting all cleaning tools where they should be and making a cleaning schedule.

7. Clean after pets

We all love animals, especially our house pets. But even with all that affection, they are still animals and as such, can make your home very dirty. The commonest problem pet owners face is the fur the animals leave all around the house. You should always clean any furniture or place pets have played in, including their sleeping places. Rather than get frustrated because they can’t stop dropping their hair, you just have to clean after them and all will be fine.

Always use rubber gloves

8. Always use rubber gloves

Most cleaning products are made of chemicals that can be harmful to you. The best way to avoid contact with them is by protecting your hands with rubber gloves. The gloves protect your hands from the possible irritation and burning caused by the chemicals and help you work for longer. Always put safety first when you are cleaning your home.

9. Clean every part of your home

There are so many places in a home that can get dirty that some are never cleaned up as a result. Take the area under desks, tables and sinks for example. Even with daily cleaning, those parts are usually forgotten until they accumulate dust and rubbish. Other household items such as gadgets and appliances are always overlooked yet they tend to harbor some very large amounts of dust. The lesson here is to clean your home completely without leaving out any parts that may be equally dirty.

10. Clean your kitchen

In most homes, cooked food is placed bowls and pans for storage and serving. After use, these  tend to become very dirty. The problem with dirty plates and dishes is that they attract vermin and produce bad odor, making the home appear dirty even when you clean it up regularly. To save yourself from this situation, endeavor to clean used dishes regularly, and most preferably, right after using them for a meal.

11. Clean your wardrobe

You might be surprised how dirty your wardrobe can be. The dirt is even more pronounced if you regularly keep clothes in it that haven’t been washed for a long time. Over time the dust from the clothes settles inside your wardrobe forming layers at the bottom. To avoid this, clean your wardrobe as regularly as possible by removing dirty clothing and aerating it to keep away dust.

Clean your windows

12. Clean your windows

No one wants windows that have so much dust on their pane that they appear opaque. And no one wants to see piles of dirt lodged in their window sills either. You should clean your windows regularly because they get stained very easily. Always choose the products recommended for glass cleaning. Remember that cleaning your windows regularly is important if you want your home to appear clean on the outside too.

13. Clean out your children’s room

We all know how dirty kids can be and how untidy their rooms can get. If your children are too small to clean their rooms by themselves, you must fix it in your schedule to clean it for them. Before starting out, clear all the toys and clothes from the floor and then clean the rest of the room. When they become older, you must teach them how to clean their room and explain why they should do it regularly.

14. Remove all the mold in your house

Mold is a big problem in most homes, growing on almost everything including your furniture and your walls. It can also be harmful to you and your loved ones. When you see the mold in your home, you should always try to remove it with special chemicals and wear protective gear so that you don`t breathe in mold spores.

So, what do you think? Easy, right?  All you need is a little order in your cleaning and you’ll be able to keep your house clean for longer.