Did You Know Mattresses are Recyclable?

A typical mattress is usually a 23-cubic foot assembly of cotton, polyurethane foam, steel, and wood. They are made to last for a really long time. With these materials, it’s actually quite difficult to recycle mattresses. It may not be as obvious but this contributes to environmental waste. That is why some waste removal companies have taken the initiative to try to recycle mattresses as well! By recycling mattresses into a number of new products, you keep mattresses out of landfills.

Why does recycling mattresses matter

Why does recycling mattresses matter?

As mentioned, mattresses are made of a variety of materials. Most of these materials are actually recyclable, so we can then put to better use. When a mattress is placed into a landfill site, it just adds to the amount of trash and waste we have out there. It is estimated that tons of mattresses alone are found in landfills.

Why does recycling mattresses matter? This is because it is a lot more beneficial and helpful to the environment. By breaking down mattresses into their raw products, we can reuse these items in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Which parts of the mattresses are recycled?

Did you know that you can potentially recycle an entire mattress? It all depends on the type and quality of the mattress once you have decided its time is over. If you are able to give these mattresses to the proper waste company, they can recycle it all for you. The first step is mattress disassembly. The mattress itself is broken down and the different materials that comprise it are segregated. They are then placed into large bins for transport to their designated recycling destinations.

· Fabric

What’s difficult to recycle in a mattress are the covers, fabric, and fibres. This is because they can become a source of contamination. There are also limited end markets for these kinds of materials, unlike foam or a mattress’ metal springs. Fabric  can be processed into refuse-derived fuel used to generate energy. The end products of fabric breakdown can actually be used as a maintainable alternative to fossil fuels. With this, you can help create renewable energy and heat that are more sustainable to our environment.

· Foam

Mattresses have a layer of foam or latex to make them padded and comfortable to use. Foam is either baled or sent to a plant that specialises in waste-to-energy generation. Others recyclers opt to clean the foam and manufacture it into industrial carpet underlay.

· Metal springs

The metal springs of a mattress are probably the easiest to recycle. They can be effortlessly melted down and processed in a metal recycling plant. After they are melted down, they can be casted and formed to create new light iron or metal products.

How can you recycle your mattress?

Because of the existence of reliable waste removal companies, it is now a lot easier to recycle your old mattresses. These companies offer the option of recycling your worn-out mattresses for you. With this, you prevent adding to environmental waste because your mattresses won’t end up in a landfill.

What to do with your old mattress

What to do with your old mattress?

Now that you know that your old mattress contains valuable materials that can be recycled, what do you do next? There are four options that you can consider. You can then make your final decision taking into account ease and cost.

1. Go back to the mattress’ original store.

If you are buying a new mattress to replace your old one, why not ask the store itself? They might be able to help you with the recycling aspect. Ask if they offer the service of hauling away your old mattress for recycling.

2. Look for a local recycling program.

If your city or community holds a local recycling program, don’t be afraid to ask! If they offer bulk waste collection and proper disposal services, ask if these include mattresses.

3. Call a second-hand store.

A lot of second-hand stores ask for mattress donations. They accept these worn-out ones and take them to the proper recycling facilities.

4. Find a waste removal company.

Lastly, the best choice on this list would be to find a reliable and reputable waste removal company. They are the most likely to know how to recycle mattresses and its components. By doing so, they’ll be able to haul it away for proper segregation and recycling.

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