Do’s and Don’ts When Filling Up Your Skip Bin

Skip bins are a great help in the disposal of your waste and rubbish. Businesses and homes alike can take advantage of the many benefits of hiring a skip bin. Your waste removal experts will be there to pick up your rubbish at your site and take care of its disposal. Hiring skip bins is also economical and more practical than having to transport and dispose of the waste yourself. It is also more convenient, and gives you more time to do more pressing and important things.

Are you ready to hire a skip bin? Most companies have some guidelines when using their skip bins. Here are some general dos and don’ts to keep in mind when hiring skip bins.


Do declare the types and amount of wastes and rubbish that you will dispose.

Do declare the types and amount of wastes and rubbish that you will dispose.

It is quite important to identify the wastes you plan to put in it, as there are certain types of wastes that are prohibited in skip bins. The types and amount will also determine the weight of your rubbish and the size of the bins that you need.

Below are the classifications of wastes that your skip bin provider uses:

General waste– These are mostly household and yard rubbish which can include any of the following: wood, cabinets, clothes, toys, carpet, recyclable plastics, cardboard, glass, papers, documents, tree stumps up to 30 cm in diameter, and others.

Clean fill/soil only– This includes soil, dirt, and sand. Rocks and pebbles are not allowed.

          Bricks, concretes and tiles only

Green waste only – This includes organic wastes such as grass, shrub and yard clippings, branches, barks, etc.

          Steel and aluminium only

 Do sort your wastes.

Once you have identified the rubbish that you need to dispose of, separate it according to the abovementioned types. It will make the disposal process easier.

Do take note of the weight restrictions of your bins.

Discuss your options with your provider if you think you will go over the weight restriction. There will be additional charges once you go beyond the allowed weight. You can ask to separate the heavy items to different bins to distribute the weight.

Do maximize your skip bin load.

Place heavier items at the bottom of your skip bin. You can break down or disassemble furniture before loading it. Also, don’t leave gaping holes when loading your skip; you are not paying for air.

Do keep an eye on your skip bin.

Your neighbours or passers-by might think it’s a free-for-all. People might throw their trash in it, so keep it within your property as much as possible.


Don’t put any undeclared or prohibited waste in your skip bins.

Don’t put any undeclared or prohibited waste in your skip bins.

The following things are not allowed in skip bins: liquids, oils, chemicals, paint, gas cylinders, empty chemical containers, batteries, explosives, and other hazardous materials. If you think your rubbish contains asbestos, discuss this with your provider, so they can help you dispose of them accordingly.

Do not mix types of wastes in a single bin.

Follow the groupings of specific rubbish according to their respective types to specific bins.

Don’t fill your skip bins to overflowing.

Do not fill your skip bin above the rim. This makes your bin unsafe for transport and travel. It is also illegal to transport bins that are overflowing, and will put the driver of your truck in jeopardy with the law. If your bin is overfilled the company is likely to ask you to remove items so it can be transported safely.

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