How Skip Bins Help the Restaurant Business

Having a restaurant business can be quite profitable. You are able to serve delicious food to your customers and watch them enjoy your own handicraft. It’s also quite enjoyable for customers since they are able to savour great dishes and experience other cultures through cuisine.

However, with such a busy business, it can generate a lot of waste. This is true regarding food and everything else that comes along with it. How can skip bins help the restaurant business, then? Here are a few tips on how you can ramp up your waste management:

1. Assess your waste.

Depending on the kind of restaurant you manage, you generate various amounts of food waste. Whether you are a small canteen or a high-end restaurant in a hotel, you create food waste one way or another. From the delivery of the ingredients to the preparation of the dish itself, there is waste that is made.

The first step to planning your waste management is to assess your waste. This is a good way to check that you have the right number, size, and type of skip and recycling bins. Think of how you will segregate and recycle your waste when it comes down to it. Ensuring that you have the most appropriate skip bins for the job will help cut costs. You’ll be helping save the environment by recycling as well.

Reuse and recycle when possible.

2. Reuse and recycle when possible.

It is no question that a lot of restaurants and other establishments do this already. But by reusing spare ingredients, you can actually reduce the amount of waste you throw away. Think about the many economic benefits to this! Since you are reusing ingredients, there is a profit to be made and you pay less for food waste collection.

For recycling, it is good to have your skip bins at the ready. Skip bins can be used to collect, deliver, and remove waste from your establishment. They are an incredibly cost-effective way to manage your waste and other types of litter. They are also environmentally-friendly.

3. Reduce your over-production.

Meal preparation and execution is the heart and soul of a restaurant. However, there are times that you may find yourself over-preparing and creating too much. Sometimes, you end up with a few leftovers. Try to improve your food and meal production more carefully. That way, you won’t end up wasting your ingredients and the meal itself.

Know how to handle and segregate your waste.

4. Know how to handle and segregate your waste.

To reiterate, this is how you can use skip bins to help your restaurant business with waste management. You should have several general containers for the different kinds of waste you produce – biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable, etc.

In the kitchen, it is important to remember that organic waste must always be removed from the space where you handle your food. You should also have waste containers placed strategically all over your restaurant. They should also be closed with lids to keep pests and rodents out. It is ideal that all these waste containers be placed outside the area where meals are handled, prepared, and eaten.

Remember that proper and regular rubbish removal and waste management are your responsibility. This is to keep up with safety regulations and of course, to keep your food sanitary. It is recommended that you reiterate with your staff the importance of keeping their work stations clean as well as how to manage waste. You should orient your staff regarding the proper use of the skip bins.

5. Designate areas to place your skip bins.

It may be wise to place your skip bins in areas where your waste is already stored. If possible, they should also have a lid to keep everything contained. Remember to keep the lids closed at all times. It’s a good idea to keep these skip bins in areas where they can easily be collected and obtained. They must also be easily accessible for maintenance and set up in a way that prevents pests and rodents from coming in.

Maximising the use of skip bins for the proper management of your waste will definitely go a long way! When you prioritise the planning of your waste management, you level up the safety of your restaurant. Your customers will be glad to know that health and sanitation are priorities in your establishment. Having skip bins to properly handle, segregate, collect, and remove your waste will absolutely help your restaurant business!

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