Unusual Uses for Skip Bins

Innovative ways to use skip bins, and how to re-purpose an old skip bin around the home or business

A little creativity and imagination can go a long way. The same can be said for your old, unused spare skip bin. Skip bins are generally used for waste removal. You hire a skip bin for your gardening, renovation, construction, and other general wastes.

Have you ever thought of using a skip bin for other purposes aside from rubbish transport and disposal? Many skip bin service providers offer skip bins for other creative uses. You can also recycle an old skip bin and re-purpose it entirely.

Skip Bin Pools

Skip Bin Pools

Swimming pools can cost you around $5,000 to $100,000, or even more. There is also the maintenance cost that you have to contend with.

Don’t have a pool and can’t afford to have one? You can use an old skip bin as a skip bin pool. Large skip bins with depths of up to 10 cubic metres are perfect for a swimming or plunge pool. You can give an old skip bin a makeover and turn it into a skip bin pool by giving it some waterproof protection. A skip bin pool is a perfect and practical solution for your next garden pool party, and with such a unique, industrial look it will be the talking point of the party!

Skip Bin Flower Bed

Skip Bin Flower Bed

Smaller sized skip bins are perfect for a lovely flower bed or a little garden. Create a lovely bed of daisies, asters, or hydrangeas in your backyard with an old small-sized skip bin. You can also create a vegetable garden. You can plant some tomatoes, broccoli, or any number of tasty veggies for your family’s consumption.

The Man Cave or Ladies Lounge

Do you want a man cave where you and mates can just hide for some drinks and laughs? With some creativity and carpentry skills, you can convert an old skip bin into your man cave. Tip your old skip bin on its side. Put some couch and low tables, hang some lights and you are set for a night of drinking.

The same can be done for the ladies. Tip the skip, paint the insides with pastel colours, and decorate to your heart’s content. You can hang some string lights and put some potted plants for a rustic feel. Have some tea or a cheeky wine with your girlfriends in your DIY ladies’ lounge, or spend a quiet day by yourself reading.

Another option is to use it as a backyard lounge where you can hang out on hot summer nights with your family.


Are you running a small business but cannot afford an office? Are you working on a creative hobby but do not have space for your studio? Then an old skip bin may be your solution. Just tip the skip, repaint the interior, and set up your studio or office. You can put some shelves to showcase your work, or you can put a desk where you can work. You can also entertain your clients for your small business in your DIY office.

Kid’s Playhouse

Kid’s Playhouse

Convert a spare skip bin into your kids’ playhouse. Tip it to the side and be sure to clean it up. You can ask your kids to help you with the decorating and setting up the skip bin. Paint the insides with bright, happy colours. Go wild with the painting and paint some rainbows, clouds, and animals. Furnish it with some kids’ table and chairs, a roll-up bed, and some of their favourite toys. Your kids will surely love their new upcycled skip bin playhouse.

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