Waste Types


It is important to identify your intended waste type on booking because certain waste types are prohibited from being placed in skip bins. The waste type also determines if the skip bin will have weight restrictions or be an all inclusive price. Additional disposal charges may occur if placement of prohibited waste or other waste types are included or different to that agreed upon booking.

For example if you state that your waste type is eg. Green waste, Brick Tile or Concrete only then you must ensure that no other waste is placed in the skip bin. If this occurs it becomes a mixed load which changes the disposal costs & can become quite expensive due to the weight. If you are unsure please speak to our friendly staff.

Mixed/ Unsorted Waste.

Most general household and yard waste can be included. Eg. Boxes, wood, cabinets, white goods, clothes, toys, carpet, computer monitors, hard drives, green waste, yard clippings, recyclable plastics, cardboard, glass, metal, furniture, timber, laminate, general demolition, fence palings sleepers, sporting equipment, papers, documents, tree stumps – up to 30cm in diameter.

Liquid paints MUST NOT BE included and will incur additional charges due to damage and clean-up costs that they cause on tipping.

NOTE: Bricks, concrete, soil & large tree stumps can be included but this is likely to increase your weight quickly and cause you to go over your included weight restrictions which will incur additional charges. Ask us about separating bricks, concrete, tiles & soil from other general waste to recycle and save.

NOTE: Mattresses and Tyres can be included however these must be put on top of the loaded bin (not above the rim) & additional charges will be incurred. Batteries, Putrescible waste (food waste etc.), Fibro & Asbestos MUST NOT BE included.

Skip bins MUST NOT BE overloaded or be filled above the rim under any circumstance as this causes unsafe transport to waste facility stations and you, the customer, are liable if any damage occurs from objects falling from the bin in transport. Collection may be denied if this occurs which will incur additional costs.

ONLY dirt, soil & sand are allowed to be places in these skips. No rocks, pebbles, etc
– NO other waste type allowed.

ONLY Bricks, Concrete & Tiles are allowed to be placed in these bins are allowed for it to be tipped at the all inclusive rate
– NO other waste type allowed

Waste ONLY Organic waste such as grass clippings, shrub & yard clippings, branches, woodchips, bark, wood, palm trees & branches.
– NO other waste type, tree stumps or branches greater than 100mm diameter, Fence palings, timbers, copper logs or sleepers allowed.

– NO other waste type ALLOWED


Asbestos and fibro can be found in many materials in houses built prior to 1987. If in doubt as to whether or not a material might contain asbestos or fibro, please consult an expert before placing it in a skip or ask for a copy of our guidelines for safe removal.

Any waste containing Fibro or Asbestos is by strict appointment ONLY and is prohibited in general waste or recycled skip bins . Dangerous or Hazardous Materials eg. Contaminated Waste, Chemicals, Liquids and Oils are also STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all skip bins. If you have these materials Skip The Tip can refer you on to collection centres in the local area to dispose of them. The cost to tip the asbestos is $406.80 per tonne as per the current tip prices.

Strictly NOT Allowed – Under any circumstance
Asbestos and Fibro, Liquids, Oils, Chemicals, Paint, Gas bottles/cylinders, empty chemical containers and any other kind of HAZARDOUS Materials or waste.

  • Contaminated Soil
  • Asbestos & Fibro Cement Sheeting
  • Putrescible & Food Waste
  • Paint tins


MATTRESSES – Single/ Double $44.00 each
Queen/ King – $44.00 each
Tyres – Please Ask On Enquiry
Fire Extinguishers – $11 each
Large Stumps – Please ask on enquiry


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