What is a Mini Skip?

A mini skip is what you call the smallest-sized skip. For those who aren’t familiar, skips are containers commonly used to hold and remove waste. They can hold open-topped loads of construction and demolition waste, garden waste, and various litter types. There are specific guidelines regarding what you can and can’t put into a skip. So, it is recommended that you read up on that.

Mini skips are quite useful when you only have a small amount of waste. It also works well for restricted or smaller working areas. They are quite an affordable waste removal method. Mini skips are also quite environmentally-friendly and sustainable because they are recyclable.

What are the sizes of a mini skip?

What are the sizes of a mini skip

Mini skips are usually available in two sizes: 2-metre skips and 3-metre skips. They are the smallest skip size offered for hire. It must be noted that a 2-metre mini skip can hold approximately 25 black bin bags. For 3-metre mini skips, they can hold 35-50 large bin bags.

What are the uses of a mini skip?

Mini skips are beneficial for a plethora of different commercial and domestic jobs. For domestic use, you can use a mini skip to make a household job easier. Whether it’s for garden clean-ups, bathroom or kitchen renovation, or redecoration and refit purposes, a mini skip bin can work well for you. This is apt for jobs that only create a relatively small amount of waste.

Mini skips were made specifically for domestic jobs in the past. Now, the use of mini skips for commercial purposes has drastically increased. Since mini skips can be used to hold plasterboard waste, they can be used alongside larger skips for heavier types of waste.

Why should you use a mini skip?

Why should you use a mini skip

  • A mini skip is cheaper.

Since mini skips are the smallest-sized skips, they are the cheapest as well. They are more affordable and don’t cost as much as larger skips. That’s why they are considered as one of the most cost-effective waste disposal services available. It would be easy on the wallet to rent for hire a mini skip for your domestic or commercial purposes.

  • A mini skip is environmentally-friendly.

Aside from being cost-effective, a mini skip is quite environmentally-friendly. When you rent a skip for hire, you can help achieve a recycling rate of over 80%. In some cases, the contents of a skip can even be all recycled, such as paper waste, plastic, and metal. Not only have you saved a couple bucks with such an affordable expense, you’ve contributed to the environment as well.

  • A mini skip doesn’t require a large amount of space.

Again, since mini skips are smaller in size compared to regular skips, they only require a minimum amount of space. Having them is advantageous especially when your working area is small or restricted. Placing a mini skip on your own property can even save you the hassle of getting a skip hire council permit. This permit has a fee so by avoiding that, you can save money as well. For locations with a minimal area size, mini skips are perfect to use.

Are you now convinced to rent a mini skip for hire with all the advantages and benefits it has? They are an effective waste removal and disposal method. It’s a plus that they are really affordable! Aside from that, they are also friendly to the environment and will help you save some cash.

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